The best things are those that are moderate

Mustafa Mahomoud said:

“I feel happy because I am an average man with an average income. My health is average, my standard of living is average and I have a little of everything, which means that I have a lot of motivation, and motivation¬† is life. The motivation in our hearts is the true warmth of life, the basis on which we evaluate our happiness.

I pray to Allah that He may bless the reader of these lines with an average life, and give him a little of everything…this is a good prayer, I swear by Allah the Almighty.

My mother did not know much about philosophy, but she had common sense and she understood what I am saying without having read about it. She used to call that contentment, and contenment means having enough, having a little of everything and a great deal of spiritual energy.”

“…And if you count the favour [Blessings] of Allah, you could not enumerate them…” (Quran 14:34)


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